The UX Fails That Made Us Cringe in 2023

The UX Fails That Made Us Cringe in 2023

Navigating the digital landscape in 2023, we’ve encountered some design missteps that left us bewildered. Join us as we dissect the user experience fails that made us raise our eyebrows.

1. Bad E-commerce Gestures

In a bold move, an online retail giant decided to tinker with its “add to cart” button, sending shockwaves through its user base. The outcome? A noticeable plunge in sales that served as a stark reminder—simplicity is the cornerstone of e-commerce success.

2. Pop-Up Ad Disaster

Picture this: a news site turned reading into an obstacle course, bombarding readers with relentless pop-up ads. The result? A distracted audience and a diminishing readership.

3. Auto-Play Videos

Learning on a website turned into a chaotic experience when videos started playing automatically. Not only did it devour our data, but the unwarranted noise disrupted the learning flow.

4. Only Face ID in Banking App

In a security-centric move, a banking app enforced Face ID as the exclusive login method. While this decision aimed for heightened security, it left users who favored alternative authentication methods feeling left out.

5. Dark Mode Fail

Dark mode, a feature intended to enhance readability, backfired in one application where text became nearly illegible. A design hiccup that left users squinting at their screens.

6. Annoying Fitness Points

Turning fitness into a game, a fitness app introduced a confusing point system that left users feeling more drained than energized after a workout.

7. No Access for All

Overlooking accessibility, a tax website unintentionally excluded users with visual impairments. A call for swift action to level the playing field.

8. Bad Content Tips

A streaming platform’s content suggestions left users scratching their heads. The algorithm seemed to have a mind of its own, offering up perplexing recommendations.

9. Anxiety App Alerts

An app designed to bring calm inadvertently caused stress with incessant and seemingly permanent alerts. A feature meant to soothe turned into a stressor.

Let's Wrap This Up!

So, there you go! These are our top tips for a website that gets attention and wins clients. Your website is like your online home. Make it welcoming, make it interesting, and make it yours.
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