7 UX Blunders That Are Losing You Clients: Are You Guilty?

Web Design Secrets for Converting More Coaching Clients

Absolutely! Let’s expand each point to give your readers more insights while keeping the language simple and engaging.

1. Phones Need Love Too

Ever tapped on a website on your phone and it looks all jumbled? That’s not good. Your site must be a breeze to use on phones. Big buttons, easy-to-read text, and quick to load. Make sure your site is like a friendly hello on any phone.

2. Find Stuff Fast

If it’s like a treasure hunt to find things on your site, people will bail. You want big, clear menus and signs pointing where to go. Imagine your site is like a fun and easy game where everyone finds the treasure.

3. Speed It Up

Waiting for a site to load is like waiting for paint to dry. No fun! If your site takes ages to show up, people won’t wait. Make your site zip and zoom, so visitors stay and play.

4. Clear Click Buttons

Ever see a button and wonder, “What does this do?” Your site’s buttons should be like clear, friendly signs telling people exactly what happens next. “Buy Now!”, “Join Us!”, “Learn More!” – make them pop and easy to spot.

5. Listen Up!

Feedback is like gold. When people tell you what’s cool or not about your site, that’s super helpful. Use their ideas to make your site even more awesome. It’s like having a team of helpers making your site better.

6. Keep It Simple

A cluttered site is like a messy room – too much going on! Keep things clean and simple. Focus on what’s important. It’s like shining a spotlight on the best parts of your site.

7. Make It Fit Everyone

Think of your site like a custom-made suit. It should fit everyone who visits. Use what you know about your visitors to make your site feel like it was made just for them. It’s like saying, “Hey, I know what you like!”

Wrap-Up Time!

And there you have it! Dodge these oopsies to make your website a superstar. Happy clients mean a happy you!
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